School Starts at 7:50 am. Any student entering the building after the 7:50 am bell rings will recieve a tardy notice. A notice will be sent home to remind the parents that it is important that the students be at their desks for morning announcements.

If a student is checked out of school at any time during the day for a doctors appointment, they should present an excuse issued by the doctor upon returning to school.

If a student is absent for any reason, they should bring a note from a Doctor or a note written by a parent or guardian, explaining the reason for the absence to school the next day.


Attendance Notification Letters are mail out after a student has reached the following thresholds.

3 Days Absent

7 Days Absent

9 Days Absent

In acordance with state law, every child who has reach any of these thresholds will be issued a letter, reguardless of whether an excuse was obtained by the Attendance Clerk.


Please refer to the Attendance Section of the Student-Parent Handbook or Contact me if there are any questions concerning attendance.

Cathy Spears
P.E.I.M.S & Attendance Clerk
Phone: 361-777-4048 Ex. 2405
Fax: 361-777-4049